Youth for Environment in Schools – Organization (YES-O), in partnership with the Supreme Student Government relaunched Project PAZ in a program held at the CVCITC Function Hall on July 5, 2019. Now on its third year, the restructured YES-O currently led by Tessa Joy Castro, adviser, debuted thru this program as the new officers discussed guidelines CVCITCians must follow concerning cleanliness and peace in the school. To bring more enthusiasm to every CVCITCians, competitions on most clean classrooms and best maintained garden were also launched. Each section will have to maintain the cleanliness of their classroom, keeping it free from any litter from the first period until the last. Each section will also have to sustain their assigned “thematic indoor garden in their respective floors. Project PAZ (Peaceful and Amiable Zone), which was conceived by Dr. Cristina G. Gallato, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is the social service arm of the institution, named after the late Paz Taguinod, wife of Redentor Taguinod, CVCITC founder and the current College President. This project aims to continue her legacy on community relations and extension services, the flagship program and projects of the institution have been refined in order to commemorate her. Dr. Gallato talked about how this program have been helping in maintaining upkeep in the school. She also shared some memories of the late Mrs. Taguinod of her activities in her own Project Paz