Academic Scholarships

Section 1 - Statement of Purpose

1.1. As an academic institution, CVCITC recognizes its fundamental duty of providing quality and relevant education for students as well as social responsibility of making its program accessible and affordable to poor yet deserving students.
1.2. CVCITC embarks on a mission of providing broader and more diverse scholarship opportunities to the lower income group with exceptional intelligence, talents and skills.

Section 2 – Entrance Scholarships

2.1. Scholarship for High School Honor Students
     2.1.1. Valedictorian – 100% Free Tuition Fee
     2.1.2. Salutatorian – 100% Free Tuition Fee
     2.1.3. 1st Honorable to 8th Honorable Mention – 80% Free Tuition Fee

2.2. Scholarship for Top Ten Percent of Graduating Class – 50% Free Tuition Fee

2.3. Scholarship for Academic Performers
     2.3.1. Graduates with final grade of 90% and above – 75% Free Tuition Fee
     2.3.2. Graduates with final grade of 88% to 89% – 50% Free Tuition Fee
     2.3.3. Graduates with final grade of 85% to 87% – 25% Free Tuition Fee

2.4. Scholarship for Students with Extra Curricular Talent
     2.4.1. President of the Student Council/Government – 75% Free Tuition Fee
     2.4.2. Editor In-Chief of the School Paper – 75% Free Tuition Fee
     2.4.3. Athlete of the Year / Best in Sports – 50% Free Tuition Fee

2.5. Scholarship thru Qualifying Examination
     2.5.1. 1st to 10th place of the Qualifying Test – 100% Free Tuition Fee
     2.5.2. 11th to 20th place of the Qualifying Test – 50% Free Tuition Fee

2.6. Entrance Scholarships are renewable at the end of 2nd semester depending upon the prevailing equivalent on scholarship status.

Section 3 - Academic Scholarships

3.1. General Weighted Average of 92% with no grade lower than 88% -100% Free Tuition Fee
3.2. General Weighted Average of 90% with no grade lower than 87% -75% Free Tuition Fee
3.3. General Weighted Average of 88% with no grade lower than 85% -50% Free Tuition Fee
3.4. General Weighted Average of 85% with no grade lower than 83% -25% Free Tuition Fee
3.5. Only regular students are qualified to avail of this program. Regular students are those who have a full academic load per semester of not less than 21 units;
3.6. Only academic courses shall be included in the computation of grades of the students to determine his/her academic standing;
3.7. NSTP course shall not be included in the computation of grades to determine his/her academic standing. No student shall however obtain a grade lower than 80% in this course, otherwise s/he is disqualified;
3.8. There shall be no dropped/failed or incomplete marks, otherwise s/he is disqualified;
3.9. All grades of the students shall be reflected in the Registrar’s Office Records;