Admission Policies


1.1. The admission of students to Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology is both an honor and a privilege. The school shall admit or re-admit students who meet its admission requirements. The admission of students binds them to all school rules, regulations, laws and traditions.


4.1. Enrolled course(s) may be officially dropped two weeks after the start of classes. Approval of the Program Coordinator must be sought. Procedure is the same with adding/changing course(s).

4.2. A student may add/change course(s) two weeks after the opening of the classes provided s/he does not have more than the maximum load allowed. The procedures are as follows:
     4.2.1 Secure the changing, dropping and adding form from the Registrar’s Office
     4.2.2 Fill-up the form and seek approval from the concerned faculty and Program Coordinator.
     4.2.3 Proceed to the Cashier’s Office for the payment of dropping, changing or adding course(s).
     4.2.4 Give one copy each of the changing, dropping and adding form to the Cashier’s Office, Registrar’s Office and Program Coordinator.

4.3. Any course officially dropped for any reason after two weeks from the start of classes shall be marked with the word “dropped” in the student’s record. Otherwise he will receive a grade of “70”.

4.4. No fee is charged to a student who dropped or changed course/s due to transfer of class schedule made by instructors. This is also applicable in cases when courses are dissolved.

4.5. A student is required to pay the full amount of tuition fee for added course(s).


5.1. Course/s unscheduled for a given term may be offered upon written request of at least 15 non-graduating students at least 4 weeks before the start of classes.
5.2. The Program Coordinator shall approve such request.

Section 6 – FEES and MODE OF PAYMENT

6.1. A student who enrolls in the College is required to pay tuition fees according to the number of units enrolled, and to pay for registration fees and miscellaneous fees. S/he is also required to pay for laboratory fees whenever applicable.

Section 7 – REFUND OF FEES

7.1. Any student who decides to withdraw when classes have not formally started may be granted a 100% refund of his tuition fee and other fees except the registration fee. Other guidelines for refund regardless of whether or not the student has actually attended classes are as follows:
     7.1.1. 75% of tuition and other fees except for registration fees may be refunded when a student withdraws one week after the start of classes;
     7.1.2. 50% of tuition and other fees may be refunded except for registration fees when a student withdraws two weeks after the start of classes;
     7.1.3. 25% of tuition and other fees except for registration fees may be refunded when a student withdraws three weeks after the start of classes;
     7.1.4. No fees shall be refunded to any student who withdraws four weeks after the start of classes.


8.1. A student who is enrolled may transfer to another school, provided s/he is cleared from all obligations from the College and has undergone feedback counseling. The procedures are as follows:
     8.1.1. Undergo feedback counseling thru channels: from Program Coordinator to Guidance Counselor and to Academic Dean.
     8.1.2. Secure a clearance form from the Registrar’s Office.
     8.1.3. Attach all receipts of payment to the clearance and present the same to the Registrar.
     8.1.4. Transfer credentials may be made available 15 days after the duly accomplished clearance form has been submitted to the Registrar.