History of CVCITC

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The thought of establishing Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology College (CVCITC) originated from the kind of business that the owner-founder, Mr. Redentor B. Taguinod, had during the 1990’s.  He managed a small business named PC Link that sold computer hardware and accessories; provided computer training and computer services such as repairs, encoding, printing and the like.  Until sometime in 1993, because of the founder’s remarkable inclination to education as he was teaching in a college in Santiago City then, and with his available resources at the PC Link, he was given the chance to enter into a 5-year joint venture agreement with schools where he provided them with computer hardware, teachers, and curriculum for the schools’ computer and IT-related needs.  Before the 5-year venture with these educational institutions would end, he made a brilliant decision – to set up his own school.  He filed his application to operate a school and patiently prepared the required documents. In 1997, this dream became a reality as CVCITC was registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CVCITC’s first year of operation started in the second semester of 1998 with initial offerings of three 2-year programs: 1) Certificate in Information Technology (with 13 students), 2) Computer Secretarial Course (with 4 students), and 3) Computer Technician (with 3 students). There were only seven (7) employees working with the college president: a registrar, a cashier, a librarian, 1 Academic administrator and 3 faculty members with only 1 lecture room, 1 computer laboratory, and a 100-square meter office space.

Despite the only 20 students at its first year of operation, CVCITC bravely stepped forth and applied to offer various degree programs.

In 1999, it offered Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) and Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA). In 2001, it offered Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSE). Enrollment surprisingly continued to grow and popularity of the school started to roar through regional and national competitions won by the students which prompted the college president to apply for other additional programs. In 2011, it offered Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering (BSECE), Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) and Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAcT); and in 2012, it offered Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA).

During the school year 2016-2017, CVCITC opened up its Senior High School Department starting with 112 Grade 11 students in keeping up with the government’s new K12 program in basic education. Considering the size of the school, it was a very challenging maneuver of management.

As the enrollment grew and offered programs increased, the management did its part by slowly renovating the school for additional classrooms, upgrading its facilities, and employing adequate and qualified faculty and staff to cater to the needs of the students. The development can be seen in the following:

  • From 1 lecture room in a single-story small building in 1998 and a wooden-stairs going to the second floor in early 2002, CVCITC has already 14 Classrooms for lecture and laboratories and tiled stairs towards the 5th floor;
  • From a traditional chalk board instruction and very hot classrooms, CVCITC has installed air conditioning units and built-in audio-visual facilities for instruction inside the classrooms;
  • From only three 2-year programs in 1998, CVCITC now offers 7 Programs and 2 technical-vocational programs
  • From only 8 employees in 1998, currently CVCITC has 49 equally, qualified, demonstrative, and competitive employees
  • And from only 20 students, it has reached an average of 500 equally determined and competitive students every semester.

Along CVCITC’s journey, it has conquered the trials from its humble beginning; proven its existence against the odds of having big and established colleges and universities around.  But the journey still has many directions.  It aims to achieve its greatest dreams: To be recognized by the community as an institution providing QUALITY education; to be an accredited school by local and international accrediting bodies; and to produce excellent and competitive graduates who will become entrepreneurs and/or leaders of companies or communities.  And these ultimate dreams can be fulfilled just steps away with the able leadership of its College President together with the other administrators, committed service of Faculty and Staff, and productive performances of the students.